The CIIC-IPL aims to promote research, scientific propagation, continuing formation and service providing in several fields related with Informatics and Systems. These will be implemented by means of the development of research lines in the areas of:

  • Multimedia and Cognitive Systems covering, among other topics, universal access systems, e-learning, education and training systems, entertainment, and visualization and image processing;
  • Evolutionary and Complex Systems covering, among other topics, the emerging areas, adaptive and complex systems, self-organizing critical systems, evolutionary computation, evolutionary and genetic algorithms, artificial immune systems, collective intelligence, optimization algorithms based on biology, and the social networks;
  • Software and Systems Engineering covering, among other topics, fault tolerance and reliability, data processing, parallel and distributed systems, operating systems, embedded systems, and interoperable systems;
  • Data Communication covering, among other topics, systems mobility, users, data and Informatics, service quality, advanced models of network management, architectures and services, and the sensor networks;
  • Web and Information Systems covering, among other topics, data bases and data warehouse, enterprise solutions – for example: the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), business modeling processes and the workflows –, computers and society, information systems applied to vertical business areas such as the health area, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), electronic commerce and business, collaborative systems, semantic web, and information systems management;
  • Safety, covering among other topics, safety of information, systems applications, users and networks.


The Center also aims the practice and promotion of scientific research, and the technological innovation and applied development within systems and computers, particularly through:

  • Promotion, coordination and implementation of scientific research projects;
  • Dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge;
  • Encouragement of national and international inter-institutional cooperation;
  • Elaboration of studies and works geared towards the business and institutional community needs;
  • Promotion of scientific and business events relevant and appropriate to the lines of research.

According with the mentioned aims, the CIIC-IPL wants to encourage the scientific activity in the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, contributing to the creation of a strong scientific culture guided by measurable evaluation criteria.

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