Report on the evaluation of the digital technologies impact on the productivity and exports of the Portuguese ornamental stone sector

This study aims to answer a current question from the Portuguese Ornamental Stones Sector (RO): “What is the Impact of Digital Technologies on the Productivity and Exports of the Sector?”. Based on the concrete knowledge of this impact, it is intended to contribute to the definition of a strategy that encourages the concerted and integrated development of a Sector that in 2019 grew more than 15% in exports, identifying some of the critical factors behind this growth trend and, above all, design future scenarios that can help guide public policies in the coming years. Through a model of analysis of the evolution of Productivity and using a quantitative methodology, it was possible to conclude that the investment of 1 €, in a moderate (or medium) scenario, could contribute in average terms, in the first 5 years after the investment, a return of € 5.26 in Turnover and € 7.29 in Exports. Analyzing the projections, from a pessimistic scenario, it appears that 1 € of investment can generate a return of 5 € in the first 5 years and, in an optimistic scenario, 12.5 € for each Euro invested. It is concluded with the present study that,
(i) with public policies that encourage the digitization of the Sector,
(ii) with the opening of companies “to digital” and the (re) qualification of their human resources and
(iii) with the monitoring and support for the digital transition by sector organizations, very significant gains will result for the Sector and, of course, for the Portuguese economy.

The report is available in Portuguese.