Communications and Telematics (CT)

Keywords: Computer, devices and network communications; Industrial Networks, Network-centric computing; Network and information security; Software-defined networks

Scientific Domains: IP mobility, industrial networks, intrusion detection/prevention systems, data loss prevention, authentication and access control, software-defined networks, quality of service and quality of experience, security in cloud computing networks

Application Domains: e-Business, e-Commerce, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, e-Security, Cybersecurity, Auditing and certification


Computational Intelligence and Optimization (CIO)

Keywords: Natural computing; Adaptive and complex systems; Optimization; Business intelligence

Scientific Domains: Computational paradigms gleaned from nature, game theory and exact methods. Design, development and adaptation of algorithms for multimodal, dynamic, discrete, structural and multi-objective optimization

Application Domains: Scientific discovery by unknown solution spaces exploration, quality improvement of business processes and services, innovation in product and services design, decision support systems and business intelligence


Computer Graphics and Multimedia Research (CGMR)

Keywords: Computer Graphics; Human-Computer Interaction; Multimedia; Digital Games; Audio Research; Project-Based Learning; Image and Signal Processing

Scientific Domains: Computer Graphics; Human-Computer Interaction; Multimodal and Multisensory Interfaces; Virtual Worlds, Virtual Environments, Augmented Reality, Three-dimensional Multimedia and Stereoscopy, Procedural Modelling, Computer Vision; User-Centered Design; Digital Signal Processing; Audio Processing; Digital Games; Gamification; Interactive Storytelling

Application Domains: Virtual and Augmented content (in cultural heritage, history, education, tourism, industry, nature and science dissemination), Digital contents creation and multimedia development, Development of user centered and ubiquitous applications, Simulation, Data visualization, Creative industries (content creation and sound based creativity), Educational and entertainment multimedia; Educational virtual environments; Music transcription; Accessibility


Smart IoT Ecosystems

Keywords: Internet of things, Industry 4.0, Unmanned Vehicles, Smart Systems, Ambient Assisted Living

Scientific Domains: IoT Communications Systems, Smart IoT Devices, IoT Intelligent Systems, IoT Edge and Cloud Computing, IoT Edge AI, Digital Twins for Industry 4.0, Ubiquitous Hardware and Software for Networking Services, Business Models for IoT.

Application Domains: Next Generation Networks combined with the massification of microelectronics have contributed significantly to the generalization of IoT and, consequently, to the emergence of new services that are transversal to all of the society in the areas of Industry 4.0, quality of life, health, intelligent cities and houses, fostering the digital economy. IoT has a major impact in the area of Ambient Assisted Living and Smart Homes, contributing significantly to improve the health and quality of life of the elderly in their homes and reducing their social isolation. We aim to deepen the concept of intelligent region to rural areas featured by aged and low population density, declining primary sector and desertification, contributing to its socio-economic development by creating services that bring value to them. The connection of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) to each other and to the Internet and the management of the information and the  development and implementation of broadband wireless networks with smart management and monitoring mechanisms for interconnection of all existing and future communication devices are also application areas of this group.